How The Mining Industry Has Revolutionized Civilization?

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Mining can be identified as a turning point in mans life, where it made so much of advances in how we live. Almost all of the metals that are used today from copper, zinc, iron, lead and even gold and gems like diamond are all extracted from the Earths realm. All these metals have been the reason for these technological advancements that we see today as well!
Read below to find out some more details on how this has changed our lives:

Mining was one of the earliest discoveries that man made. Like man was able to make a living out of farming and agriculture, mining became the easiest way to accumulate wealth. The minerals that were extracted through mining were valuable and thus made the countries investing in mining wealthy and raised the standards of living of their people. There was a sudden boom in the countries that invested their man power and skills in the mining industry. And these valuable resources were sold at high prices, thus increasing the financial stability of the countrys economy as a whole!


The technology that we see today uses everything from copper, zinc to lead and even iron for different purposes. Most of the technological advancements we see today has all these metals included in them. And if these metals were not extracted by means of mining, then we would have never been able to see the advancements in technology that we enjoy today! So we thought that life was made easier thanks to technology, we need to revise this thought! Because, mining only enabled such technological advances and so first thanks to the mining industry and to the industry pioneering companies like that of Rinehart Gina! And then to technology itself!


Mining has also been one of the major industries that has created hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities. Although the jobs in the mining industry is now on the decreasing side, it was one of the major industries were almost 2/3rds of the entire working population worked. In times when there werent many jobs available for people, mining was the biggest employment creator! Companies like that of Gina Rinehart are to thank for the many jobs that was created!

Environmental effects of mining
Although, mining has been one of the major elements in helping the advancements of human civilization. There have also been draw backs of over extraction of the natural resources. And even the fear of extinction of the natural resources like oil have become a major topic. And there have been instances of oil spills and other major destructions caused by mining as well. The thing is that mining is a very advantageous prospect that should be undertaken under proper circumstances and under extreme care!